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About Our Organization

Who We Are

Candle of Hope Foundation (COHF) is a multi-faceted women-led organization that has been operational in Somaliland and Kenya since 2016 implementing humanitarian & development initiatives through community-initiated programs that enhance empowerment, sustainability and resilience. COHF which has its main offices in Nairobi (Kenya), and Hargeisa (Somaliland) promotes initiatives in various sectors including Anti-human trafficking and smuggling of migrants(SOM) initiatives, Health and Nutrition, Education, Livelihoods, Climate Change Adaptations, Governance (Peace Building, women and Youth Empowerment) and Inclusive Initiatives targeting people with disabilities and HIV/AIDS.

COHF takes a participatory approach to project implementation. We work with communities to identify core needs and seek ways and means of solving the issues identified through citizenry public participation model. We are committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability in all our activities. All programs are geared towards benefiting the target community in the long run by abiding with the principle of Do no Harm without hampering progress none the less.

The organization has invested in policies as a guide for institutional operations, in specific with regards to our purpose, target beneficiaries, scope and what we expect to accomplish.

Our Mission

To create inclusive communities that can drive their development agenda through participatory, transformative and innovative approaches.

Our Vision

To be the lead organization to promote community-driven development initiatives that enhance empowerment, sustainability and resilience.

Core Values

Respect for humanity, cultural diversity & sensitivity, Integrity, Transparency & Accountability, Democracy, Gender Equality, Inclusivity and Equity.

History About Us :

Inspired by a story of a young mother who felt hopelessness after being cast off by her partner and her own family, Candle of Hope Foundation (COHF) was founded by a group of women with vast experience in humanitarian and development mission to offer hope to the voiceless and hopeless by assisting them find a safe and secure warm shelters, household livelihoods and optimistic future.