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COHF endeavors to strengthen access to maternal health and nutrition services to the vulnerable communities. We use internationally recognized community-based peer education platform to build community capacity to address undernutrition and other key causes of mortality among children under five years. COHF also links with other sectors, including WASH and Food Security &Livelihoods intervention focusing on social safety nets, care for child development (CCD) to address the underlying causes of poor health in order to improve hygiene practices that reduce cognitive underdevelopment and undernutrition.

COHF health program provides treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as Maternal and child health.


Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are critically important for communities affected by disaster and conflict. COHF works to improve hygiene practices and increase access to safe, sustainable water and sanitation services. COHF helps families gain equitable access to safe water through rehabilitation and installation of water systems that meet family and livelihood needs.

COHF also trains Water User Committee members and caretakers from the local community to operate, and maintain these water systems. This helps to ensure that the water systems are serviceable every time and regularly thereafter.


COHF delivers food and non-food items assistance to communities affected by food insecurity. Our food assistance programming includes population-wide distributions, school feeding and nutrition support. We respond directly or through support from our partners. We work in close collaboration with other actors and the affected communities and government authorities, prioritizing protection and the needs of the most vulnerable, and promoting meaningful, community-led engagement.

COHF provides essential Non-Food items (NFI) to vulnerable populations affected by conflict or natural disasters as part of its first-line emergency response. COHF also considers the use of cash transfers as a modality to provide timely and relevant assistance, as well as enabling people with purchasing flexibility.


COHF works in some of the most volatile areas of Kenya and Somaliland to protect victims of violence. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment which promotes core value of human dignity and prevents abuse.

To ensure that we hold ourselves to the utmost standards, we have rigorous systems in place to ensure that community members can report harassment and safeguarding concerns, protected from the threat of retaliation. In partnership with the local authorities and our affiliates, we conduct thorough assessments which may include investigation leading to appropriate action by the appropriate local authorities.